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Production Credits:
Tarkan: "Come Closer" Universal 2006
Marc Copely: "Limited Lifetime Warranty" RCA 2002
Tom Jones: "Changes" Interscope 1995 (David Werner and Jan Layers)
Soul Sister: "Simple Rule" EMI 1993 (David Werner and Soul Sister)
Dub Squad: "Big Town" Independent Release 1990
Kim Ryder: "Angle Arrive" Profile 1986
David Werner: "David Werner" Epic 1979 (David Werner and Bob Clearmountian)
David Werner: "Imagination Quota" RCA, 1976 (David Werner and Ron Nevison)
David Werner: "Wizz Kid" RCA, 1974 (Producer: David Werner)
Pre-production and Song Arrangement:
Toni Childs: "Stop your Fussin" A&M
Bakers Pink: -Record Development- Epic Records
Bryn Gregory: and The Costars -Record Development- CBS
Writer Credits:
Tarkan: "Come Closer", "Mass Confusion" Universal 2006
Marc Copely: "Limited Lifetime warranty" RCA 2002
Psychotica: "Blue Fear" American Records 1996
Bone Fiction: "Drug of Choice" (David Werner and Liam Sternburg). Sony UK 1995
Tom Jones: "Changes" (David Werner and Jan Layers and Paul Michiels) Interscope 1995
Lisa Lisa: "Acid Rain (David Werner and Junior. Vasquez)", "No-win Situation (David Werner and: Guru)" Pendulum, 1994
Soul Sister: "Broken", "Pretty Bad News", "All I’ve Got", "Changes" *, and "Ain’t That Simple". EMI 1993. *David Werner, Jan Layers, and Paul Michiels
Bakers Pink: "Untouched" David Werner and Michael Franano, Epic 1993
Billy Idol: "Cradle Of Love" (David Werner and Billy Idol), Chrysalis, 1991

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